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Ibiza Hippy Markets

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The Island of Ibiza hippies curious and unique hippy markets to be visited. They can find the billowing garments, most original bracelets and rings with unusual stones. All handmade. These markets hippies back to the 60's, when artists, writers and artists ... settled on the island to live your peace, magic and light. The biggest  markets are the market of Punta Arabí and the Market of  "Las Dalias".

Hippy Market "Las Dalias".

It is the most popular on the island and is open from May 1 until October 31.
Las Dalias. Sant Carles de Peralta.
Every Saturday all year long from 10.00
Hippy Market "Punta Arabi"
Open April to October every Wednesday.
This very well organized, like a theme park but little job. You bathrooms, in a square bar to pause, rest area, shady areas and all very clean.

As for the posts, there are different types of clothing, crafts, painting, music, sculpture, live entertainment.

Better go early in the morning, you will avoid stress or heat.