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Ibiza Essentials

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Ibiza Essentials

Having a reliable list of essential resources of Ibiza is vital in ensuring that your trip is as relaxing as possible. All of the practical information you need is available here: dentist, embassies, hospitals, post office...


Health issues to visit the section Ibiza Health.


During the summer months (end of June, July and August) usually get hot but no humidity. The temperature begins to be warm in late April, where you can already do without the coat. In summer it rarely rains. We recommend that you do put in your luggage if you have a jacket for cooler at night.


On the island there is public transport, although it is more practical to rent a car or a motorcycle.
If you ignore the taxi when you arrive the airport and save you the endless queues, there is a bus connecting the airport with the main towns. More information: